Maintainer Response to Merge Request Duration.

This panel provides information about the time to first response to a pull request.

The goal of this panel is to provide several data access layers (organizations, projects and repositories) and play with the time to first response using the average and the median as main metrics.

Widgets and metrics provided in the panel

  • Summary: number of pull requests submitted and their time to first attention in average and in median.
  • Average Time to First Response in Days over time: evolution of the average time to response a pull request. This chart aggregates the information by the date of creation of the pull request. Thus, each of the columns displayed in the chart shows the average of the first time to response of all of the pull requests opened in such timeslot.

  • Repository Data: this widgets displays information about the time to response in average and in median per repository. This provides the number of pull requests per respository as well.

Filtering by Organization and Project is allowed by using the top left corner widget.

Finally, a short text is shown at the bottom to explain the basics needed to understand the panel.

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