GitHub Pull Requests

GitHub Pull Requests panels show information related to how community evolves in terms of submitters, domains and activity.

These panels show activity by domains and repositories. Each pull request has a creation date and closing date, and of course a state (open or closed). We measure activity based on the amount of tickets created over time and their states.

This way, we can filter to get activity information related to a given submitter, domain or/and repository.


To use this dashboard with your own GrimoireLab deployment you need to:

Index Pattern   Dashboard
Index Pattern —– Dashboard

Command line instructions

Once you have the data in place, if you need to manually upload the dashboard execute the following commands:

kidash -e https://user:pass@localhost:443/data --import github_issues-index-pattern.json
kidash -e https://user:pass@localhost:443/data --import github_pull_requests.json

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