Jenkins Job Categories

This panel is focused on offer a view of Jenkins data classified by job categories. The idea behind the panel is helping to identify those categories that are using more CI resources.

Filtering by Job Category

As Jenkins do not provide any particular field for category name, this panel uses installer field. This may not correspond to actual categories.

However, filtering by job name allows us to visualize data corresponding to a given category. In order to filter by category, please use the search box on top and the following query:


Where <search_string> should be what you are looking for, e.g. distribution-test. Wildcards(*) allow to filter those job names that contains the category name we are looking for.


From left to right and top to bottom, the metrics provided are:

  • Big Numbers: total numbers about what we are visualizing in the panel.
  • Jobs Evolution: number of jobs through time.
  • Results per Category: heat map to visually identify categories with more runs and their results.
  • Categories: aggregated numbers by category (actually by installer as explained above).
  • Jobs: aggregated numbers by job name.

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