This panel summarizes all the activity related to Jira issues. It is focused in the number of issues submitted, the people reporting them and how long takes issues remain opened or to close them.

This panel gives also special attention to the organizations related to these issues, the projects and the repositories where they were submitted.

Note there is a blue filter on top for filtering in issues, so comments are excluded from panel calculations although they are also stored in the index. A field named type allows us to differentiate between them.


From left to right and top to bottom, the metrics provided are:

  • Issues: total numbers of issues, submitters and projects tracked by the platform.
  • Submitters by Organization: pie chart showing the number of issues submitted by members of the same organization.
  • Assignees by Organization: pie chart with the number of issues that are currently assigned to members of the same organization.
  • Projects: table with stats as the number of issues or assigness by project.
  • Issues by Status, over time: this bars chart shows the number of issues by status that were opened on each period of time.
  • Submitters, over time: bars chart with the number of different submitters for each period of time.
  • Issues by Organization, over time: it shows the number of issues opened by the same organization for each period of time.
  • Submitters: table with the top submitters that contains several stats regarding the number of submitted issues, the number of repositories where she collaborated or the average in days her tickets are/were remained open.
  • Jira repositories: table with the activity per repository and the average time to close an issue.

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