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GrimoireLab Components

The following figure summarizes the different tools used in GrimoreLab.

GrimoireLab is composed of different tools, which are listed below:

  • Perceval: retrieval of data from data sources
  • Graal: source data analysis with external tools
  • KingArthur: batch processing for massive retrieval
  • Kibiter: dashboard, downstream version of Kibana
  • Sigils: visualizations and dashboards
  • Kidash: visualizations and dashboards manager
  • Manuscripts: reporting

Platform management, orchestration, and common utils:

  • Mordred: orchestration
  • GrimoireLab Toolkit: common utilities
  • Bestiary: web-based user interface to manage repositories and projects for Mordred
  • Hatstall: web-based user interface to manage SortingHat identities

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