How to create a dashboard

Creating a dashboard is pretty intuitive in GrimoireLab.

The first step is to open the dashboards interface which lists out all the created dashboards. Click on the Dashboard icon in the sidebar. It is the third one form the top.


To create a new dashboard, click on the button labelled Create new dashboard. You can check out the existing dashboards below to get an idea of what kind of dashboard you need.

new dashboard

Once you’ve clicked the Create new dashboard button, you’ll be presented with an empty dashboard which you can fill with the visualizations of your choice. Click on the Add button to open the visualization sidepanel and click of the needed visualizations to add them to your dashboard.

empty dashboard

Once you’ve added your required visualization, you can save the dashboard by pressing the Save button. It is the third one on the left from the Add button. Make sure you’re logged in before saving the dashboard.

Note: You need to be logged in to perform this action

You can learn more about the different accesses and the permissions associated with them in the Private and Public Access section