Remove visualization from dashboard

For this action, you need to logged in as well.

  • Steps
    1. Click on Edit in the navigation bar of GrimoireLab.
    2. Click on the Settings icon of the dashboard. This will open a dropdown.
    3. Click on Delete from dashboard.
    4. Press on Save in the navigation bar to save it.

Note: The above action removes the visualization from the current dashboard only but the visualization would still be available in your visualizations lists. In case you want to remove a dashboard entirely, follow the next steps.

Delete a visualization

  • Steps
    1. Click on Visualize on the sidebar. It is the second icon from the top.


    1. Search of the needed visualization and check it.
    2. Once you’ve checked the required visualizations, you’ll see a trash icon next to the search bar.

    delete visualization

    1. Click on the trash icon to delete the checked visualizations.

Note: You need to be logged in to be able to perform the above action.