Terminology used in GrimoireLab

  • Dashboard - refers to the collection of visualization under one name. For example, the Overview dashboard in CHAOSS contains visualization that give a general feel of the community and project health.

  • Dashboards - refers to all the dashboards present. You can access them through the dashboards option in the sidebar. It’s the 3rd icon on the GrimoireLab sidebar.

  • Visualization - A visualization is a graphical view of the data pulled from an index. You can see all your visualization through the Visualize option in the sidebar. It’s the 2nd icon on the GrimoireLab sidebar.

  • Index - An index is a collection of JSON documents related to one particular data source.

  • Index-pattern - An index pattern shows the different attributes contained in an index or a set of them.

  • Data-Source - GrimoireLab supports many data-sources. They represent the platforms and tools from where GrimoireLab can pull data to analyze.