How to create a profile

Creating a profile is akin to adding an individual in SortingHat.

To add an individual, click on the Add button in the Individuals table. This will open a dialogue titled Add individual. Fill in the individual’s respective information and finally click on Save to save the information.


In the Add individual dialogue,

  • Name: Name of the individual
  • Email: Email of the individual
  • Username: Username of individual with respect to the source
  • Source: Refers to the data source (github, Telegram, Dockerhub etc…
  • Gender: Gender of individual
  • Country: Country where individual resides
  • Bot: check it if individual is a bot, else leave it be
  • Organization: organization with which individual is affiliated
  • Date from: Date when individual started working for mentioned organization
  • Date to: Date when individual terminated his affiliation with mentioned organization


Note: Organization entered need to be registered in the Organization table before completing process to add individual. If organization is not present in organization’s table, then individual’s data will be saved, excluding the organization’s data.