How to edit a dashboard ?

A dashboard usually represent some visualization or table of some sort. GrimoireLab allows you to execute the following queries in regards to your dashboard.

Edit panel’s title

Editing a dashboard’s title is simple.

  • Steps
    1. Click on Edit in the navigation bar of GrimoireLab.

    edit navigation

    1. Click on the Settings icon of the dashboard. This will open a dropdown.


    1. Click on Customize panel and change your dashboard’s panel.


How to arrange your panels

GrimoireLab provides you with the ability to move and display your panels in any order you want.

  • Steps
    1. Look for the “Edit” button and click it.


    2. Once you’ve done the above, edit mode will be active. You can then drag any panels around and arrange it in any way you want.

      dragging panels

How to add a visualization to your dashboard

Dashboards would not serve any purpose visualizations. In case you want to add a visualization to your dashboard, follow the steps below.

  • Steps
    1. Click on Edit in the navigation bar of GrimoireLab.


    1. Click on Add on the same navigation bar. This should open the side panel titled Add Panel.

    add button

    1. Click on your visualization on choice and it will get added onto your dashboard.

    2. Click on Save to save the changes to your dashboard.


Note: If you want to edit your visualization, please refer to this section. Content on how to edit your visualization is covered there.