Difference between profiles and identities

Each individual will have a unique profile which may or may not consists of several identities. A profile is unique to one particular individual, that is no-one will have the same profile with the same information (Name, Email, Username, Affiliations etc… )

For example, you can think of profiles as human beings. Every human being is different, hence unique. If that person goes to the bank and creates an account, he’ll be given an account card. That is one of his identities, a customer of the bank.


The above image further explains the difference between profiles and identities.

As you can see, there is a single individual and that individual has several identities which are listed below

  • Git

    Username: John Doe, John M. Doe

    Email: jdoe@example.com, jmdoe@gmail.examle.com, jdoe@gmail.example.com

  • Github

    Username: johndoe

  • Mailman

    Emails: jdoe@gmail.example.com, jdoe@example.com, mail@jdoe.es

  • Phabricator

    Email: jdoe@example.com

  • Slack

    Username: jdoe

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