How to merge profiles

SortingHat provides the ability to merge profiles in the case that the said profiles belong to the same individual. In some cases the profiles are different identities of the same individual. As such, you have three ways of merging profiles using SortingHat’s interface.

  • Drag and Drop

    This method is favorable when you have just one profile to be merge. You simply drag that profile into the one profile you want to merge it with. Once you start dragging, a tooltip with “Moving 1 individual” will appear confirming that you are moving the profile wanted. Finally, bring it onto the profile to be merged with and release it. A dialogue will open where you’ll have to confirm the process. To complete it, just press “Confirm”. To check whether the profiles have been merged, click on the arrow-down icon which will expand the information tab.

    drag and drop

  • Highlight profiles to be merged

    This method is useful when you have more than one profile to merge but they are all within sight.

    1. Click on the profiles to be merged. This will highlight them. You can confirm that by checking whether a dark blue strip was added to leftmost side of the profile tab.

    2. Once selected, you’ll see that the merge button will be active. Click on it and a confirm dialogue will open. Press confirm to complete the merge process.

    highlight merge

  • Add to workspace

    This method is suited for merging profiles that are scattered in different pages. That is the profiles are not found in the same page. In this case, each profile can first be added to the Workspace and merged later on.

    1. Look for the needed profiles (Tip: filter through the profiles using the filter options available)

    2. Once found, click on the “More options” icon and select Save in workspace. You’ll see that a profile card is added in the Workspace section.


    3. Once all the profiles have been gathered, click on each card to highlight them and press on “Merge” on the righmost corner of the Workspace.